As Australian’s and the global mining industry continues to expand, there continues to be a need to work towards net zero emissions in the next decade. And a small company in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, is in the race to make a difference and develop low-emission heavy equipment for mining.

3ME chief executive Justin Bain points out that the appetite for low-emissions is high, and the company is looking to grow through bolstering its lithium-ion battery system.

With up to 41 per cent of total mine site energy usage being consumed by diesel-powered mining vehicles, the switch to become electric could create a significant change within the industry.

Over time, switching to electric equipment will become more cost-efficient as big miners work together to meet the regulations driving change in the industry.

The question remains if miners can get to net zero in time. Australia may need to radically change its mindset and adopt new technologies to truly embrace low-carbon solutions and meet Australia’s emissions goals.

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